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PlumX Group Maintenance: Annual Maintenance Tasks for a Plum Group

Core Annual Maintenance

  1. Remove any researchers from your group who are no longer affiliated with your department, institute, or center.  See instructions below.
  2. Add any new researchers to your group who are newly longer affiliated with your department, institute, or center.  See the Adding Researchers to a Plum Group page for instructions.
  3. Check the h-index in Scopus for each member of your group and update if needed.  See the Adding or Updating an H-Index page for instructions.
  4. Ensure PlumX ID is added to Sinai Central eDirectory (EDIR) profile for any faculty members newly added to PlumX group. See the Adding PlumX IDs to Sinai Central eDirectory Profiles page on the Sinai Central documentation site.

Need assistance with any of these tasks? We're here to help!  Email us at We'll be happy to schedule a time to meet and walk through these steps together.

Removing a Researcher from Your Group

To remove a researcher from a group:

  1. First visit that researcher's profile.  Click "Edit This Profile" and scroll down to the section "Associated Groups" (located on the bottom of the left column).
  2. Click the small "x" next to the applicable group.  Note that you do not need to remove the researcher from any groups outside of your department.  Click "Save" to complete the changes and exit editing mode.

 Please note that removing someone from a group does not delete or otherwise alter their profile.