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EndNote @ Levy Library: Syncing & Sharing

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With EndNote x7, you can share your library with up to 14 other EndNote users. With EndNote x8 you can share with up to 100 others! 

Syncing EndNote Desktop to EndNote Online

EndNote allows users to synchronize their EndNote desktop program with EndNoteWeb. Your first step is to create an EndNoteWeb account at Once you've created your account, enter your credentials in the 'Sync' section of your "EndNote Preferences':

Whether you choose "Sync Automatically" or not, it is always a good idea to sync before closing EndNote. From within the EndNote program, select Tools from the toolbar and click "Sync." Alternatively click on the Sync button.

Keep in mind:

  • Group sets will not synchronize
  • "From Groups" will not synchronize
  • Smart Groups will not synchronize

... however, standard Groups will synchronize!

Sharing Your EndNote Library

To share your EndNote Library with other EndNote users, sync your desktop library with an EndNote Online account. Then select the "Share Library" button on your desktop application's toolbar. Enter the person's email address and a message explaining that you'd like to share your library. They'll receive an email asking if they'd like to accept your invitation. It is necessary for both parties to have an EndNote Online account.


To open a library that has been shared with you, select File -> Open Shared Library. It is important to sync shared libraries regularly to ensure that all changes are updated as you work.