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EndNote @ Levy Library: Using Groups

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Think of a Group Set as a filing cabinet that contains file folders - Your Custom Groups!

Using Groups

Use EndNote Groups to organize a large library into subsets. There are three types of groups: 

Groups - created by highlighting individual records and manually adding them to a group; 

Smart Groups - based on a search strategy that will automatically populate the group as citations matching the parameters are added to the library; 

From Groups - a special type of smart group based on a search strategy combining the contents of other Groups or Smart Groups.

After creating a few groups, you may want to create Group Sets to further organize your library. Group Sets are basically groups of groups. These allow you to add a hierarchical structure to your library. 

All Groups are created from the Groups command on the toolbar.


Select Create Group from Groups menu.  On the left under My Groups, enter a name for your group.  Click anywhere outside of the box to save the new Group.

To add citations, click All References in the top left, click and highlight the citation(s) in the main list that you want to move, and drag them to a Group on the left.  You can also go to the Groups Menu >Add References To> and select the name of the Group you want to move the highlighted references to or Create a new Custom Group.

Smart Groups

Smart Groups are created with search strategies and references are automatically added to the group if they fit the search requirements. Smart Group search rules apply to current references and any reference added in the future.

All References >Select Create Smart Group > Name Group > Establish Parameters