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EndNote @ Levy Library: Getting Stuff In

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When importing a folder or a file into EndNote, make sure you are using the correct "Import Option" or "filter".

Step 2: Adding Content

Download PubMed citations automatically into your EndNote library. Whether you're looking at a list of citations or an individual record, select: Send To > Citation Manager

Select Create file to prompt a download, then open the file. You may need to "teach" your computer to automatically open files of this type in EndNote.

Once you open the file, the references contained in it will automatically be added to your EndNote library. They will also appear in a temporary "Imported References" section.

Search PubMed and other databases from within EndNote. We recommend using this feature only when you know what you're looking for(i.e. specific articles or authors). We also recommend using the Online Search Mode, as the Integrated Library and Online Search Mode will automatically download search results. You may accidentally add items to your library using the integrated interface.    

Import PDFs directly from your computer- you may import folders containing multiple PDFs or single PDFs. If the article's metadata is embedded in the PDF, EndNote will automatically build a reference for the PDF. If EndNote cannot find the metadata you'll need to edit the reference manually.  

Add a reference manually. Sometimes(rarely), you will be unable to import a reference from a database and will need to enter the bibliographic data manually. 

Select New Reference from the References Menu. Be sure to choose the appropriate Reference Type prior to entering the information!