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Use the Edit & Manage Citations function to erase references from manuscripts. It will save you time and heartache when you are ready to publish!

Cite While You Write

Again, EndNote provides two options for entering citations into manuscripts: one utilizes menu-driven interface, the other a graphic icon.    

In a Word document, place the cursor at the point where a reference is needed.  Click the EndNote Tab on the Word toolbar and select Insert Citation.

Choose the citation you want to insert by typing a term in the Search box (e.g. author last name, or keyword in title), and select Find.  

Click Insert when the desired reference is found.  

When using the Graphic Icon, the procedure is very similar.  Place the cursor in desired location and Select Go to EndNote from the EndNote Tab on the Word toolbar.  Highlight desired reference and select the Document Icon with Red Arrow on it.

EndNote automatically enters the selected citation and adds the reference at the end of the paper in the references section.  As you continue adding citations, EndNote maintains the references in consecutive order and corrects the numbering when citations are added out of order.  After changing the citation sequence, click on Update Citations and Bibliography to synchronize the changes within the manuscript.

Formatting Your Bibliography

Your citation style may be selected at the beginning of your work, and may be changed at any time. Use the "Style" dropdown menu in the Bibliography section of the EndNote toolbar to select your style. Your preferred style may not appear on the list. In this case simply click "Select Another Style." You will be brought to a list of thousands of styles where you should find what you're looking for. Once you select a style it should appear in your drop-down menu going forward. 

Formatted citations automatically create a bibliography at the end of your manuscript, however you may wish to title the bibliography or add additional line spacing between references. You can do all of this using the Configure Bibliography command. Open the Format Bibliography command by selecting the small arrow at the bottom right of the Bibliography Group.

The Format Bibliography tab allows you to select a bibliographic style from a drop down list.  The list contains previously used styles as well as some of the most popular ones. 

The Layout tab allows you to change options that determine the way your bibliography will look. Edits to font size, indention amount and line spacing are executed here.