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Clerkship Resources: Resources by Clerkship

Keys to success in the clerkships and beyond.

Clerkship Resources from The Levy Library

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Welcome to The Levy Library's Clerkship Resources guide.  This guide aims to collect many of the useful resources you'll need during 3rd and 4th year in one place. In the Resources by Clerkship section, you'll find cases, review questions and key textbooks for each required clerkship. In the Resources for Answering Clinical Questions section, you'll find information and suggestions to help you find answers to questions that will arise on the wards. 

Need Help?

If you need help accessing or navigating any of the resources included on this guide (or any library resources for that matter) or if you're having trouble finding information to answer clinical questions, please feel free to email us at or via any of the other options on our Contact Us page.

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Resources Useful Across Multiple Clerkships