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Web of Science: Using a Citation Database: Journal Impact Factor: Practice

Journal Impact Factor

The Journal Impact Factor  was developed in the 1950s1 and is a widely-used measure of the influence of journals. Impact Factor is calculated and published annually by Thomson-Reuters (owner of Web of Science) in the Journal Citation Reports database. It covers over 8,200 science journals and 2,900 social science journals. The Journal Impact Factor is based on citation data from the Web of Science. It uses the formula:

2013 Journal Impact Factor = Cites in 2013 to articles published in Journal X in 2011 and 2012
Total number of articles published in Journal X in 2011 and 2012

The resulting number represents the average number of citations to an average recent article in the journal.

Note that NOT ALL journals have an Impact Factor since Impact Factor can only be calculated for journals included in the Web of Science.

1. Garfield E. Citation indexes to science: a new dimension in documentation through association of ideas. Science. 1955;122:108-111. Available at:

Find the Impact Factor in Web of Science

Do a search in Web of Science for the journal Psychometrika. 

Use the Source Titles search refinement category to select Psychometrika and then click Refine, thereby exlcuding results that came in because the contain in-text citations to Psychometrika. Click on any record in the results list.

Scroll down to towards the bottom of the citation record, under the Abstract, Keywords, and other details, and you will find a link to the Journal Citation Reports record for Psychometrika.

Tip Tip: You can also search Journal Citation Reports (JCR) directly. Access JCR by following the link along the very top of any page on Web of Science or by searching for Journal Citation Reports on the Library's Databases page.

Entering the JCR directly allows you to produce lists of journals by subject, and to rank journals by Impact Factor and other measures. You can use this information to help you decide which journals to find research or publish in.

Launch Web of Science

Web of Science can be accessed using the link below.  This link, along with the links to Web of Science on the library homepage and the databases page, allow users to access the resource from both on- and off-campus.