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Web of Science: Using a Citation Database: Analyze Results: Video

Refine and Analyze Results

Refine Results and Analyze Results are similar features available for many databases on the Web of Knowledge platform. They allow you to refine and rank a set of search results, including citation search results, by fields such as author, institution, country and more. Refine Results is limited to finding the top 100 categories in database fields, and as its name indicates, it is best used for retrieving more focused search results.

Mount Sinai ResearchAnalyze Results allows you to view up to 500 categories in a range of Web of Science database fields and to export the results to a file.

Analyze Results findings are displayed with percentage and bar chart representations of categories ranked by number or listed alphabetically.

  • Because it can report over 100 categories, you can use Analyze Results to include or exclude categories from your search results that are not available in the Refine Results feature.
  • You can also use Analyze Results to generate a list (or file) of the authors, institutions, funding agencies, research areas, etc. in your search result set.

For example, the screenshot on this page is of a pie-chart generated from data exported from Analyze Results into Microsoft Excel. It shows the top ten Research Areas at Mount Sinai from 2003 to present.

The Thomson Reuters' video tutorial and the PowerPoint presentation below review the steps in using the Analyze Results feature.

Refine & Analyze Search Results. 4 minute 09 second video from Thomson Reuters retrieved April 16, 2014. Available: