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Citation Maps

The Citation Map tool in Web of Science enables you to visualize the connections between papers.

To launch the Citation Map application, click the Citation Map button in every WoS full record.

The screenshot of a citation map on this page is for: Swedish, K.A., Conenello, G, and Factor, S.H. (2010). First Season of 2009 H1N1 Influenza. Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine, 77 (1), 103-113.

  • This map is for two generations of forward citations: the paper has been cited 10 times (as of April 2014) and those 10 citing papers have been cited a total of 67 times. You can create a citation map for one or two citation generations going forward and/or backward in time. (Be aware that the map utility will time out if there are too many citations.)

  • Nodes can color coded, reordered or labeled by author name, publication year, subject category, institution and more. In this map, the nodes are labeled with the article's title and ordered by date, with the newest first generation papers in the top left. It is color coded by the author name. 
  • Within Web of Science you can mouse over a node to view full details of a paper.