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Web of Science: Using a Citation Database: Search and Citation Alerts

Sign in to Save Citation and Search Alerts

You can create free accounts in most databases that allow you to save search strategies and send email alerts when new articles match your search.  Citation databases allow you to set up a "citation alert" to notify you when a particular paper is cited. Citation alerts enable you to keep track of who is citing your work or other key work in your field.  To create an account in Web of Science, click the Sign In link at the top of the screen, then the link to Register.

To create a citation alert, click the Create Citation Alert button, above the list of Times Cited citations in the right sidebar. You will automatically receive an email alert every time the article is cited.

To create a search alert, click the Search History link in the tool bar near the top of Web of Science pages. Then click the button to Save History / Create Alert. Select weekly or monthly email alerts.