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Levy Library Art Wall: Home

Information on Levy Library's community art wall.

About the Levy Library Art Wall

The Levy Library Art Wall was established to showcase artwork for the encouragement and development of artistic expression of our patrons and to foster greater appreciation for art with the Mount Sinai community. 

This year’s theme is Community Connection, a celebration of ideas, goals, and attitudes that connect us to one another, but we are open to exhibiting works of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and visual art outside of the suggested theme. 

Installation Archives

"Sitting with the homeless" - Danielle Chaluts

"Sitting with the homeless" - Danielle Chaluts

Submission Guidelines

Accepting submissions:

  • Paintings 
  • Photography
  • Drawings
  • Graphic design
  • Poetry

Submissions should include:

  • A relevant connection to community or cultural issues and contain a clear theme or rationale.
  • Minimum of 4 pieces.
  • Frames to showcase work.
  • Summary of the collection.


Group submissions accepted.


Submissions will not be considered if they contain works that are offensive, hazardous, may threaten the safety of public health and well-being, or may damage the property of the library.

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Submit Your Artwork

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