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Access Full-text Journal Articles: Articles via E-Journals Database

The E-Journals Database


Search E-Journals

Levy Library licenses over 10,000 biomedical e-journals, as well as journals in the general sciences, social sciences and humanities. 

Can't Find It?

Use Levy Library's interlibrary loan system, ILLiad, to request books or articles that the Library doesn't have online or in print.

Get Articles through the E-Journals Database

To find full-text articles through one of our E-Journals, go to our E-Journals Search page.

Follow the steps below complete your search and find the full-text article:

1. Search for a Journal or Browse a List of Journals
Type one or more words from the journal title in the box and click Search.

To browse an alphabetical list, type the first few letters of the journal name and click Search.

2. Link to a Journal
The results for your search appear, with the dates of coverage for each access point (or source).

A journal may be in more than one full-text collection. For example, JAMA is in three collections that have different dates of coverage.

Click the link to the source you wish to access.


3. Drill Down to an Article

After you select a source for the journal, “drill down” to the volume and issue, and then the article. Each publisher or source has a different interface and “path” to full text. This is one example, where JAMA offers the option to view past issues.


4. Select the format: PDF or HTML
On some sites, you may need to find and click a PDF button to open the PDF version of the article.


Search E-Journals with the PMID or DOI

Use a PMID (PubMed ID) number or a DOI (Digital Object Identiifier) to quickly retrieve a journal article from Levy Library's E-Journals database. Insert the number into the text box and click Search to launch Levy Library's FIND IT service.

 What is a DOI?

                 What is a PMID?