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Mendeley @ Levy Library: Organizing

Intuitive Interface

Mendeley's intuitive Desktop makes PDF and reference management seem easy.

Mendeley's reference panel can be sorted by Author, Title, Year, Publisher, Date Added or any other item named as a column heading with a click. Visual elements such as green buttons for references not yet opened, PDF or Word icons to indicate file type and yellow stars for favorite articles are helpful reminders of library content for the Mendeley user.

Keep track of your unread papers.  When you add documents to Mendeley, they are marked unread by a small green dot.  If you open them within the Mendeley PDF viewer they will be marked read.  Or simply click on the green dot to toggle read/unread.

You can mark your favorite documents (or documents you want to keep track of) with the star icon.  Simply click the star, and click again to un-star.  All favorite documents will appear in the Favorites Folder, so you can refer back to them with one click.

Double clicks open attached PDFs which users can Highlight and Annotate.

You can create Folders in the left panel to manage references on different topics or group references you'll be using for a paper.  To add additional references to an existing Folder, simply Drag and Drop citations..  


Desktop Organization

Mendeley Desktop Options

Organizing Your Library