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Mendeley @ Levy Library: Collaborating

Create a Group

Move the mouse to the Group section and click Create.  You will be asked to add a name and description of your group and select appropriate Privacy Settings. Next you'll have the opportunity to invite collaborators by entering their email addresses.  

Every group has an Overview tab showing recent activity, a Documents tab and a Members tab.  To add documents, use the Add Files option to broswe and upload files which will then appear in the Documents tab.

As colleagues join and add documents, the Activity Feed populates.  Double click to open any new document PDF.  Any annotations made on a PDF are shared among members of a private group with each member's note showing up in a different color.  

Mendeley Group Creation

Working with Colleagues

You may have heard that Mendeley is a "social" bibliographic management database.  What does that mean?  Like Facebook, you can create a profile on Mendeley and connect with others.  You can create a network of people who are doing similar research and discover new and important articles that are being read in your field.  

Mendeley Groups allow members to put together a list of papers and share annotated notes.  There are three types of Mendeley groups:

  • Private groups.  These private groups are visible only to members, who can share papers and notes.  
  • Invitation-only groups.  These groups are visible to the public, but each has an owner who administers the group. Any member can add documents to the group's collection.
  • Open groups.  Anyone can join and contribute to these groups.
In private groups, you may share and annotate a list of documents with your collaborators from within your PDF organizer instead of emailing notes and ideas back-and-forth.  
In public groups, you may create a reading list with your colleagues and make it accessible to anyone on the web.  You may have that list embedded on any external website and have it update automatically, with no editing required.  
Groups have an activity feed on Mendeley Desktop and in Mendeley Web that help you stay up to date on new additions and discussions within the group.

Create and Use Groups