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Mendeley @ Levy Library: Adding References

Adding References

Described by some as "iTunes for researchers," Mendeley has a relatively small learning curve and users can begin adding their references to it quickly and easily.

Three of the most common methods for building a Mendeley library are to Drag and Drop PDFs, Import to Mendeley with the Mendely bookmarklet or to Add Documents manually.  As PDFs are dropped or records imported, Mendeley extracts documents details, keywords and cited references.  It also looks up Cross-Ref DOIs, arXiv IDs and PubMed document details automatically.  The Mendeley library is neatly and intuitively organized.  Information can be filtered by author, journal, and keywords or by individually assigned tags.  

If you are already using a different bibliographic tool and want to switch to Mendeley, no problem.  Mendeley easily transports data from EndNote, RefWorks, Papers, Zotero or other bibliographic management databases.  Mendeley supports importing and exporting XML files, RIS files (the standard format of many academic databases) and BibTeX files. 

Mendeley provides a Watched Folder that keeps an eye on any new files you want downloaded.  Set the "Watched" Folder up on your computer and then drop or download PDF documents you want to import to the database.  Mendeley will auto extract the metadata and add it to your library.  


Importing Documents