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Icahn School of Medicine Required and Suggested Books: Graduate Program in Public Health

BIO8200: Analysis of Categorical Data

MPH 0001 Introduction to Public Health

MPH 0002 Disease Prevention and Health Promotion for non Health Professionals

MPH0110: Introduction to Pharmacoeconomics

MPH 0011 Organizational Behavior and Human Resources

MPH0015: History of Public Health

MPH 0103: Strategic and Program management

MPH 0104: Health in Communities and the Public Sector

MPH 0201: Introduction to Sociobehavioral Health

MPH 0210 Health Literacy: Improving Health Communication Efforts

MPH 0300: Introduction to Biostatistics

MPH 0311- Multivariate Methods

MPH 0320 Research Methods

MPH 0400 Epidemiology I

MPH 0412 Epidemiology II

MPH 0410 Epidemiology of Infectious Disease

MPH 0416 Chronic Disease Epidemiology


MPH 0500: Environmental & Occupational Health

MPH 0506 Topics in Safety and Ergonomics

MPH 0523: Advanced Respiratory Medicine

MPH 0525 Pediatric Environmental Health

MPH 0523 Advanced Occupational & Environmenal Disease

MPH 0700: Introduction to Global Health

MPH 0800: Introduction to Advanced Biostatistics

MPH 0802 Statistical Computing with SAS

MPH0812: Applied Linear Models

ASIBS Short Course