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Circulation Services: Reserve Materials

The Circulation Department manages the availability and circulation of Levy Library's print and audiovisual collections.The Department also provides services such as renewing books and distributing copy cards.

Levy Library Hours

Placing Items on Reserve

Do you need to place print, electronic or audiovisual materials on reserve for a course you are teaching?  Please see our Course Reserves page.

Checking Out Print Reserve Materials

Print and audiovisual reserve materials are kept behind the Service Desk on the 11th floor of the Levy Library. Please ask Library staff to pull and check out the items that you need.

Course Reserves

Materials needed for specific courses will be placed on reserve upon request from the faculty course director. Reserve lists should be submitted as far in advance as possible.

For more information please visit our Course Reserves page.

Fines and Fees

Levy Library charges overdue fines to encourage the prompt return of library materials and charges a fine for every calendar day an item is overdue.  An item is considered overdue if the borrower has not returned the item by the specified date. 

All borrowers responsible for any late, recalled, lost, damaged, and replacement fees that have accrued, including faculty at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

If the overdue item is…

late fee rate is …

but when the late fee reaches…

you’ll owe a maximum fee of:

Circulating Book Collection

20¢ per day

$6.00 per item (30 days)

up to $200.00

Course Reserves

50¢ per hour

$36 per item (3 days)

up to $500.00

Recalled Materials

$1.00 per day

$10 per item (10 days)

up to $500.00

Laptops $10.00 per day $50 per item (5 days) up to $2000.00

Laptop, smartphone, or tablet chargers

$1.00 per hour

$ 24 per item (24 hour)

up to $100.00

All other technology equipment $5.00 per day $25.00 per item (5 days) up to $500.00

Audio and video media

$2.00 per day

$20 per item (10 days)

up to $500.00

Damaged item(s)*

*not including laptops


up to $500.00

Damaged laptops      up to $2000.00



Levy Library will send a courtesy notice prior to the item due date suggesting that the borrower returns or renews the item(s). Up to 3 overdue notices reminding the borrower to return the overdue item(s) will be sent after the item (s) due date. All borrowers are still responsible for any fines and fees even if the courtesy or overdue notice was not read or received.

All borrowers who fail to respond to a recall notice, including faculty, must pay recall fees. Library privileges will be suspended until the recalled item is returned and the fee is paid.



Loss of Privileges

Borrowers are blocked from checking out, renewing, and requesting library materials or interlibrary loan materials if they have overdue materials and/or unpaid fines exceeding $10.00. Once all fees and fines have been paid, the block on the borrower’s account will be cleared and borrowing privileges will be restored.



Student, Resident, Fellow, and Staff Checkout Forms

In order for the library staff to sign off any checkout forms, all library items must be returned and all fees paid. If there is a dispute of any items or charges, the patron must submit a Fee Appeal Form before the checkout form can be signed.



Lost or Damaged Materials

An item is reported lost when the maximum fine has been reached. The borrower will be billed a lost item fee of $150 or the cost to purchase the item, whichever is more. A $25.00 processing fee will also be applied to each lost item.

If the item is returned before the library has replaced the item, the lost item fee will be removed,  however the borrower will still be responsible for any late fees have accumulated.

Borrowers also have the option to replace an item with the same edition or newer. The replacement copy must be in new or like-new condition and may not be from another library. A $25.00 processing fee will be applied for each item that has been replaced by the borrower. Levy Library reserves the right to refuse the item and the borrower will be responsible for all fees associated with this lost item.

Levy Library charges an item damage fee to cover the cost of repairing items that have incurred damage while on loan to the borrower. The fee varies on the severity of the damage.  If the item cannot be repaired, the borrower will be responsible for replacing the item or paying the replacement fees for the purchase of new item. Additional fees could be charged depending on the situation.  

The Library is unable to issue a refund when an item is returned after a replacement item has been purchased.