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Mendeley @ Levy Library: Home

Join us for Make the Most of Mendeley!

Mendeley is a powerful, easy-to-use research tool that helps you gather, organize, and share sources and then automatically generate in-text citations and bibliographies. This session will introduce new users to the tool as well as ensure that existing users are aware of all of Mendeley's exciting functionalities.

Tuesday 9/26 @ 3pm


Mendeley is a free desktop and web-based program that combines reference management and social networking to help researchers stay on top of an increasing number of PDFs and to work collaboratively with their colleagues. Mendeley operates in PC, Mac and Linux environments and links with Microsoft Word and OpenOffice.

The charm of Mendeley is the magic behind the curtain after the Drag and Drop of a PDF. Mendeley automatically extracts metadata and fills out citation information fields with author last name, title, date, etc. Mendeley's file management system creates a directory of your PDFs with names that make sense instead of "fulltext.pdf."

Experience the Social Networking benefits of Mendeley. Create a user profile, collaborate with colleagues, join groups, follow publication trends and discover articles and journals that are being discussed and read in your field right now.

Enjoy the mobility of having your library wherever you go with Mendeley Online and download Mendeley Desktop to any number of computers. Have a version at home, office or school. Just make sure to Sync your libraries.

Download Mendeley

Mendeley is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.  

Sign up and download Mendeley Desktop here:

Mendeley Tutorial