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Levy Library: Library Use Policies

Cell Phone Policy

Students and staff members use the Levy Library as a quiet study area. Please be respectful of other library users by limiting cell phone use and speaking quietly during calls. Long cell phone conversations must be taken to the elevator lobby. Consider turning your cell phone to silent mode (vibrate) when entering the library. Library staff reserves the right to ask those to leave whose cell phone conversations are disturbing others.

Eating and Drinking Policy

Eating is strictly prohibited in the Library in order to preserve library materials and maintain a pleasant, clean environment in which to work or study. Food and beverages bring with them unwanted visitors (e.g., cockroaches) and lead to stains on the carpet, seating, tables and study carrels. Leaving a mess behind is neither fair to subsequent users nor to the housekeeping and Library staff members who strive to maintain an environment conducive to study.

Beverages are permitted, if they are in a non-spillable container, at tables and study carrels. No food or drink is permitted in the public computer area or in Library classrooms.