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Levy Library: Library Use Policies

Cell Phone Policy

Students and staff members use the Levy Library as a quiet study area. Please be respectful of other library users by limiting cell phone use and speaking quietly during calls. Long cell phone conversations must be taken to the elevator lobby. Consider turning your cell phone to silent mode (vibrate) when entering the library. Library staff reserves the right to ask those to leave whose cell phone conversations are disturbing others.

Eating and Drinking Policy

Food is not permitted in any of the classrooms on the 10th or 11th floors, computer areas, quiet study areas, or silent study areas.

Cold discreet snacks are permitted ONLY IN THE SNACK ZIONE but NOT any hot, messy, aromatic foods (e.g. shelled nuts, pizza, salads, soup).

Beverages in spill-proof containers are allowed in the library.

Library users must clean up after themselves. All drinks, bottles, tissues, scrap paper, medical supplies, or any other personal items should either be taken with the user or thrown out in the appropriate trash or recycling receptacle.
Library staff reserves the right to request that library users refrain from eating or leave the library if their food is disturbing others.